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At Tekcore we understand that our employees are our single greatest resource.  In order for our company to run as efficiently as possible we must maintain a high degree of human resources management.  To this end we seek to hire only the best candidates and have established a highly developed system of employee assessment, training, promotion, and benefits.  We hope that our employees can work closely with Tekcore as they develop their professional ability, administrative acumen, and build a career that benefits both themselves and our company.

Employee Benefits:
  • Our employees have the opportunity to become company shareholders
         and  benefit from Tekcore's growth
  • Tekcore provides bonuses to its employees on the three major
         Chinese holidays of Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, and Chinese
         New Year as well as on their birthdays. Furthermore, employees
         who have worked for Tekcore for more than a year are eligible for
         travel allowance.
  • The Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival bonuses are equal to ½ of 
         an employee's monthly salary each, and the Chinese New Year bonus is 
         equal to an employee's full monthly salary.  In all then, Tekcore
         employees receive 14 months   worth of payment rather than simply 12.