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LED The Grand Chessboard

LED industry , the cooperation of cross-border mergers and acquisitions , price war , the patent battle , channel card War in the 2012 future is even more violent . 2012 , more than ever concerned about the trend of the global LED industry .

Throughout the development of the territory of the global LED industry , Europe and the United States entrenched high - end market, the market share of about 20% overall market share in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and mainland China in 2010 has reached 81.3% , LED production base in Asia . Clearly , the future in the global LED status and market competition , Asia will become the main battlefield .

"In the future, Japan, Korea, Taiwan , mainland China LED industry development will be crucial , and the global LED chess game plays a decisive role . " Will be held in the world!s largest lighting exhibition -cum- LED exhibition in Asia over the same period the "2012 Asian LED peak forum " the person in charge says this end, the forum in the opening ceremony on June 9 , a special insight into Asia !s Big Four - Japan , South Korea, Taiwan , mainland China LED industry and outlook agenda , Inter - industry elite will explore the Asia semi-final between the game and win-win situation . 

SOURCE: http://www.ledinside.com.tw/yazhou_led_20120419