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2014-03 Mounting LED ,Fear not for high electricity bill
2013-07 The key point to the third quarter of LED is backlight
2013-06 Chinese mainland layout light reproduction
2013-01 Illuminating Engineering Society of Taiwan pointed out that the demand for LED lighting will be the
2012-09 Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote the entire case of the whole plant export scheme
2012-08 Taiwan to develop the first LED General Standard for trying to the formation of docking with the ma
2012-08 Cross-strait LED pilot program to start the first phase of the pilot selected Xiamen, Guangzhou
2012-06 Taiwan's LED giant on a follow-up boom, three good a bad
2012-06 Taiwan's rising electricity prices to the concept of light LED
2012-05 The Both sides behind the LED TV industry
2012-05 LED The Grand Chessboard
2012-05 The benefit of LED the traditional peak season for TEKCORE in the second quarter will be beeter
2012-03 Taiwan 1/4 of the street lights will be replaced with LED lights, an annual saving of 2.4 billion in
2011-12 In 2011 Taiwan already complete 696,700 traffic lights to substitute will welcome LED street lamp to
2011-12 Executive Yuan checks and ratifies "extension constitution LED street lamp economy energy project pl
2011-12 The LED TV will permeate a rate to rise to 68% next year, the LED monitor reaches 71%
2011-12 The policy pushes LED lighting need increment
2011-12 Taiwan passes "the economic economic prosperity responds a project"
2011-11 Mainland China subsidizes LED lighting and add 15,000 employment opportunities
2011-11 Congratulate Tekcore Co. Ltd to win a development to act for the service"excellent unit" enterpris
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